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Tomorrow is a whole new day.

Originally posted on Walk the Talk:
As 2014 draws to a close and many of us look to 2015 as a new beginning we examine ourselves and strive to change for the better. Many aspects of our lives are still…

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A relative in need brings home the importance of human rights

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Why is My Daughter so Strong? I Didn’t Clip her Wings.

Originally posted on John Healy's Space:
This quite definitely a MUST watch (and of course Listen) TED Talk. Not to mention, Listen and Learn. It is not simply about the courage of a brave and remarkable young lady but…

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Staying safe while driving alone

Originally posted on womenBsafe:
What can we do as women to stay safe besides the obvious. Especially now that the weather has not been so friendly and Sonoma County has really seen a lot of rain out there. The streets…

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Police re-appeal for information about distraction burglaries in South East of England

Detectives investigating a series of 35 burglaries where older people have been targeted are re-appealing for the public’s help in identifying people they would like to speak to in connection with the incidents. Detectives are also issuing a photo of … Continue reading

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  New taxman campaign focused on solicitors. HM Revenue & Custom’s (HMRC) latest tax crackdown is focused on solicitors that have not paid enough tax. The latest campaign from the taxman is calling on solicitors to bring their tax affairs up … Continue reading

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The Power of the Crowd

Originally posted on RAN COHEN:
The Power of the Crowd Why Crowdsourcing Information is so Effective Citizen participation has always been an important element to effective governance, security protocols, as well as in the realm of new media products. Crowdsourcing…

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Christmas Tree Lights

with thanks to trading Standards for this…. It’s that time of year again when you need to climb up into the loft and bring down the Christmas decorations to be strung up throughout the house. A house fire, most likely sparked … Continue reading

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Essential gifts for your comfort and safety

Originally posted on Chasing Rabbit Holes:
I did it! After 10 years of wanting this gizmo, I finally treated myself to it! Y.E.S. !!! It is a deceptively simple gizmo and costs about $15.00 bucks. What could it be, you…

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