Calling All Dog Owners

What do you think is the most dangerous thing you have with you when you take your dog for a walk???

You might be expecting me to say your dog? However, you would be totally wrong. It is the thing which connects you to your dog. Particularly when you are both attached to each end of it.

I am talking about your dog’s lead. Particularly when it is an extending one. Personally I think they should be banned outright. They are lethal – especially to someone like me.

You might be wondering why I think an extending dog lead is lethal when attached between you and your dog? It helps you control your dog after all, doesn’t it???

Actually, your control of your dog is irrelevant at this point. The potential – invisible – tripwire between you is the problem.

I have got the kind of vision which renders extending leads completely invisible. I can see you and (if it is big enough not to be confused with a rat or a floorbrush) your dog. This means that – until I find myself tripping over the extending lead – you and your dog are in no way attached to each other. (This is not helpful for someone who is terrified of small terrier type dogs at the best of times.)

If you insist on using an extending lead to walk your dog please can you attempt to find one with lights on it so I can see it? Even better, buy a shorter lead and attach your dog to that. That way I won’t have to worry about (a) whether the dog heading for me is roaming on its own, and (b) any potential mobile tripwires.

Just as a matter of interest – it is not just people with bad vision who have potential problems with extending dog leads. People in wheelchairs (electric and manual) and on mobility scooters can also get their wheels caught up in them.

Thank you.

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