Heatwave Advice

Seeing as we are experiencing very high temperatures I thought it might be an idea to remind you about the precautions we can all take during a heatwave. For further information please click here – Heatwave Advice From Hart District Council

However, I would like to add something else to that.

There are some people – myself included – who find bright wall-to-wall sunshine very difficult to cope with.

Navigation points can disappear (no matter what size they are to start with).  Humans have a habit of looking like unsupported items of clothing (especially if the sun is behind them.  As for traffic – the worst time to cross a road is when you are looking into the sun in one direction and away from it in the opposite direction.

To me there is no weather condition more mentally and physically draining than wall-to-wall sunshine.

So – next time you decide to inform everybody how gorgeous you think the weather is – please spare a thought for those of us who have Photophobia (or cannot cope with the weather for any other reason).

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