Confusion Fraud


Good morning,

Yesterday we received reports of two members of the public attempting a confusion fraud at a shop in Yateley.

Suspects have purchased an item for less than a pound, and have asked to change a number of £10 notes into £20 notes. The shopkeeper has become suspicious and refused when the suspects did not show him the money. The shopkeeper was concerned that the suspects may have been trying to change counterfeit notes into real ones.

The suspects were initially seen on the Reading Road in Yateley in the St Peter’s Church area, before heading in the direction of Blackwater. The suspects could travel across the area attempting multiple confusion scams.

Hampshire Constabulary would like to remind members of the public and in particular shopkeepers and employees to remain vigilant should repeated attempts be made.

  • Always ensure high value banknotes are genuine. Genuine banknotes should contain a silver thread through the middle, have a watermark when shown to light, and have raised writing in places. Use a UV pen or a blacklight to check if the note reacts differently.
  • If you are given a counterfeit banknote, retain it and contact 101 who will be able to advise.
  • Retain a detailed description of the person using the banknote, or CCTV if possible.
  • Do not deal in large amounts of banknotes in one go as this can be confusing, allowing a fraudster to act as if they have given you more money than they actually have. Always keep transactions separate.

Kind regards,

PCSO 15945 Ben Blundell,
Yateley Police Station.


About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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