tackle distraction burglary offences and rogue traders


From Hampshire Constabulary:

Dear Resident,

I am writing to make you aware of Operation Liberal launched by Hampshire Constabulary.

Operation Liberal is an initiative to tackle distraction burglary offences and rogue traders, by catching and deterring offenders and offering advice to residents on how to avoid becoming a victim of door step crime. We have also responded to several calls this week regarding cold callers, and have taken details of individuals doing so. We are offering the following advice to you to prevent these types of crimes:

  • LOCK STOP CHAIN and CHECK – Always use a door chain when answering the door, if you are not sure do not open the door.
  • Always check the credentials of unknown callers. Do not phone the number on the ID card, use a phone book or a bill.
  • Never employ cold-calling doorstep traders or engage with cold callers on the phone.
  • Do not keep substantial sums of money in the home.
  • Do not allow cold callers across the threshold into your property.
  • Be mindful if cold callers are keeping you talking at the front door an accomplice may be trying to enter at the rear of your property.
  • Always keep front and back doors locked.
  • Consider joining or setting up a No Cold Calling Zone or Neighbourhood Watch scheme.
  • Report any suspicious callers or activity to the police immediately.
  • Keep an eye on elderly or vulnerable neighbours, friends and family.
We would discourage any resident from buying goods or services from cold callers, however, if you choose to engage with cold callers, please do take the time to read the attached information from the office of fair trading.
For up to date information on the latest scam advice please visit:
For further information regarding your rights when buying on the door step
For help with crime prevention:
If you do receive a knock at the door and believe it to be suspicious or cannot verify the identity of the person or their reason for calling, please call 101.

Kind Regards

PCSO 15486 GUY


About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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