Commissioner questions Chief Constable on ‘confidence in the police’


On Tuesday June 10, Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Simon Hayes, held Chief Constable Andy Marsh to account in the 6th COMPASS meeting, which was open to the public and held in Winchester.

The focus of the discussion between Mr Hayes and Mr Marsh was public confidence in policing, which is of national and local interest due to a number of high profile and historic cases that have affected public confidence, such as:

  • The handling of the Stephen Lawrence murder and the Hillsborough disaster
  • The Plebgate Affair
  • Conduct of undercover officers
  • Lack of confidence in crime data recording

Mr Hayes set out to seek reassurances from the Chief Constable that similar failings will not happen in the Hampshire and Isle of Wight policing area.

The meeting addressed how Hampshire Constabulary deals with complaints; public satisfaction with the service given by Hampshire Constabulary; leadership, behaviour and attitudes of the constabulary’s officers and staff.  Mr Hayes asked what the Chief Constable is doing to reassure the public that corruption will not be tolerated and how he will ensure College of Policing “Code of Ethics” is adopted.

N/B: For the purpose of openness and transparency it is the Commissioner’s intention to publish unedited film footage of each COMPASS meeting.  Due to specific cases being referred to and names and personal details of members of the public being mentioned several times during the question and answer section of the meeting we are, unfortunately, unable to publish the recording. Attendees of the meeting were given Terms of Engagement for COMPASS meetings prior to the meeting and at the event however these were broken several times.

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About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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